It was about a decade ago when Chris Wahl AKA Shadowblades was creating a game using RPG Maker. He was really excited about the story he had in mind, and created a game about his friends and himself, using digital photos. He made a marvelous intro (in his words) for the game, but he felt like it was missing something. A company name, at least a fake one. “Hmmm” he thought… “Wahlware!” Thus, Wahlware was created.

Some couple years after, Chris’ older brother Tim wanted to help out; expand on the Wahlware idea. He grabbed the www.wahlware.com URL and things were rolling. Well, not really, the website pretty much sat untouched for several years.

Fast forward to the future. A time of unpredictable technology and possibility. The year 2014. Meandering through life a bit, I, Chris have decided to fully commit to learning how to create games and make my exciting ideas a reality. I listen to a lot of game design/indie talks, interviews, and pretty much anything to do with games. It helped a lot that I was able to do this while I was working my day job. It was during my day work that I could come up with some of (what I consider) my best ideas. I’m no longer working a day job, but I’m at home instead, developing games full time and caring for my one year old daughter. #GameDevDad